Towing & Truck Repair Services

Towing Services

In Raleigh and its neighboring regions, Barbour’s Towing & Truck Repair stands out as the go-to for reliable towing services. With a rich legacy spanning over 50 years, our seasoned professionals cater to all towing needs, from light to heavy-duty. When swift, safe, and efficient towing solutions are paramount, make Barbour’s your first call.

Trailer Repair

At Barbour’s in Raleigh, expertise in trailer repair goes beyond the ordinary. Our seasoned technicians, armed with advanced tools, ensure every heavy trailer is restored to its prime, whether dealing with minor wear or major breakdowns. Embracing a commitment to superior workmanship, Barbour’s Trailer Repair becomes the go-to for operators seeking optimal semi performance and durable solutions.

Roadside Truck Assistance

Stranded with your truck in Raleigh or its surroundings? Barbour’s Roadside Truck Assistance is here to bring swift, expert aid directly to you. Our adept team specializes in managing truck-specific challenges from jump starts, tire replacements, lockouts, to fuel deliveries, particularly tailored for larger vehicles. Choose Barbour’s and rest assured that timely, reliable, and comprehensive roadside help is en route.

Equipment Hauling

Need to move hefty machinery or essential equipment? Turn to Barbour’s excellent equipment hauling for flawless and fortified transport solutions. Catering to Raleigh and surrounding locales, we excel in punctual and secure transfers for diverse equipment needs. Rely on Barbour’s unique blend of logistical mastery, professional finesse, and warm customer service for all your equipment transportation requirements.

RV Towing

Navigating the roads of Raleigh with an RV issue? Barbour’s provides RV towing services ensure that your recreational vehicle is handled with utmost care and professionalism. Whether you’re stranded or in need of a location shift, our specialized team guarantees a safe and efficient towing experience for your home on wheels. Trust Barbour’s for seamless RV towing solutions, where your comfort meets our expertise.

Bus Towing

When buses face a hiccup on Raleigh’s roads, Barbour’s bus towing service steps in with unmatched expertise. Catering specifically to the unique challenges of bus transportation, our dedicated team ensures swift, secure, and specialized towing solutions. For reliable bus towing that prioritizes safety and efficiency, Barbour’s is the trusted name in the region.

Mobile Battery Installation

In Raleigh, when battery issues strike, Barbour’s provides mobile nattery installation service is a lifesaver on the go. No need to be stranded or hunt for a nearby shop; our team brings the solution directly to you. With a focus on convenience and efficiency, we ensure your vehicle is powered up and ready to roll in no time. Choose Barbour’s for on-the-spot battery installation, blending mobility with expertise.

Mobile Tire Repair

Tire troubles on Raleigh roads? Turn to Barbour’s for mobile tire repair for swift, on-the-spot solutions. Our mobile team arrives equipped and ready to tackle any tire issue, ensuring you’re back on the move without delay. With Barbour’s, roadside tire setbacks become a breeze, thanks to our combination of convenience and expertise.


Locked out in Raleigh? Barbour’s handles lockouts and is your quick key to relief. Our responsive team reaches you promptly, ensuring that you regain access without damage or delay. Whether it’s a truck or RV, trust Barbour’s expertise for a hassle-free lockout solution, blending speed with care.

Fuel Delivery

Ran out of fuel in Raleigh? No worries. Barbour’s offers fuel delivery to ensure you’re refueled and back on the road swiftly. No more stressful waits or long walks to the nearest station. With Barbour’s, a timely fuel top-up is just a call away, merging convenience with reliability.

Crane Service

Need precision lifting in Raleigh? Barbour’s capable crane service is your go-to for expert hoisting solutions. Handling projects with meticulous care and safety, our specialized crane operations cater to diverse lifting needs. Trust Barbour’s for efficient and professional crane services, turning complex tasks into seamless endeavors.

Tire Changes

Encountering a tire issue with your truck in Raleigh? Barbour’s specializes in providing expert tire change services to get you rolling again quickly. Our team, skilled in handling large vehicle tire dilemmas, offers expedited replacements and adjustments, ensuring not just your safety but also a smooth journey ahead. Lean on Barbour’s proficiency for rapid and accurate tire changes, minimizing your downtime on the roads.

Jump Starts

Battery woes in Raleigh? Barbour’s provides jump start services to re-energize your vehicle. With a swift response and expert handling, we ensure your vehicle springs back to life without a hitch. Trust Barbour’s for a quick and reliable jump start, turning unexpected stalls into mere pit stops.

Vehicle Transport

Need to move a vehicle in or around Raleigh? Barbour’s vehicle transport provides seamless relocation solutions for your prized possession. With an emphasis on safety and punctuality, we handle each transport with care, ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination unscathed. Choose Barbour’s for dependable and professional vehicle transport services, where precision meets peace of mind.

Long Distance Transport

Venturing beyond Raleigh? Barbour’s provides long distance transport as your trusted partner for extended journeys. Safeguarding your vehicle over vast stretches, we prioritize its safety and your peace of mind. With our experienced team at the wheel, rest assured that your vehicle’s long haul is in the best hands. Choose Barbour’s for impeccable long-distance vehicle transport, where distance meets dedication.

Accident Recovery

Accidents in Raleigh can be daunting, but with Barbour’s accident recovery service, you’re never alone. Swift and compassionate, our team specializes in efficiently securing and recovering vehicles post-accident. Prioritizing safety and minimizing further damage, Barbour’s stands as a beacon of support during unexpected adversities. Trust in our expertise for comprehensive accident recovery, turning distressing moments into handled situations.

Motorcycle Towing

Two-wheeled troubles in Raleigh? Barbour’s motorcycle towing service ensures your bike is treated with the care and precision it deserves. Understanding the intricacies of motorcycle transport, our team ensures secure and efficient towing, getting your ride to its destination safely. For dedicated motorcycle-centric assistance, trust Barbour’s — where passion for bikes meets professional service.

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy-duty challenges in Raleigh? Look no further than Barbour’s heavy duty towing. Equipped to handle the big rigs and substantial vehicles, our specialized team ensures swift, secure, and expert towing solutions. When the weight and size matter, rely on Barbour’s expertise for uncompromising strength and precision in towing, ensuring your heavy-duty needs are met with unmatched professionalism.

Medium Duty Towing

Facing mid-sized towing needs in Raleigh? Barbour’s medium duty towing is tailored for your exact requirements. From box trucks to delivery vans, our team offers specialized care, ensuring timely and secure towing. With Barbour’s, medium-duty doesn’t mean medium service – expect top-tier professionalism every time your vehicle’s in our hands.

Professional Truck & Automotive Repair

| Barbour'S Towing &Amp; Truck Repair

In Raleigh, Barbour’s Towing & Truck Repair stands as the premier hub for all-encompassing truck services. Our expansive Truck Repair Facility features 8 specialized bays, ready to address both intricate mechanical needs and detailed bodywork concurrently. From adeptly aligning body components and precise welding to flawless painting or tailor-made repairs, our experienced crew is at your service. Familiar with executing complex truck repairs, we efficiently juggle multiple tasks. When your truck beckons superior care or restoration, swing by or give us a shout. Dive into the Barbour’s difference in truck repair expertise. Reach out to learn more.